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Okay, let's get this out of the way up front: freetwitterdesigner.com is a pet project for us. We're not looking to make any money off of it, we're just hoping to provide a cool service for you and raise some money for charity at the same time. For the sake of complete transparency, we're actually an interactive advertising and marketing agency named Zugara (Check us out at www.zugara.com if you care to learn more!).

So, the question might remain: Why did we create this site? Well, being in the industry we're in, it probably won't shock you that we're social media and technology junkies. And, we love Twitter. Love it. But we got a bit frustrated with our options when trying to personalize our Twitter profiles with unique and professional looking backgrounds. Essentially, there are two options. You either have to pay a graphic designer $75, or if you go the free route, you need to enter a bunch of information into a web site, and blindly download an image "hoping" it comes out looking the way you want. And if you aren't lucky enough to get the image you want on your first try, it's back to the drawing board. You need to start from scratch. That's a ridiculous user experience (in our opinion at least). We wanted a more user friendly application than that. We wanted a workspace that would allow us to see what we're doing. A workspace that would allow us to intuitively play around, to edit, to tweak, to manipulate… to get creative and truly personalize our Twitter background. In short, we wanted an easy to use web-based application that enables us to be a bit of a graphic designer, even if we aren't one. So, we created it, figuring if we wanted it, other Tweeps did too.

And while we're at it, why not do a little good? That's why 50% of every tip you give us will go straight to the good people at "Make-A-Wish" (http://www.wish.org/). The rest, we're hoping will cover our costs associated with running/maintaining this site. If you like the tool, and feel compelled to make a donation, you can do so here.

Finally, this is just Phase 1 of FreeTwitterDesigner.com. We’d love your feedback and ideas: @freedesigner. Oh, and just in case you aren't following enough people, feel free to give some Zugarians a follow too: